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We understand the difficulties that come with everyday life. These may include work, family, spouses, children, relationships, health or school; all of these play a part in your emotional health. We want to help YOU with your emotional health being the best that it can. We like to make sure that each client is comfortable with working along with their therapist to achieve their therapeutic goals. We have extensive experience working with clients of all ages who may be dealing with daily life struggles. trauma, crisis, family dynamic changes/divorce, depression, anxiety, past and current abuse and childhood trauma. We can’t wait to collaborate and build a relationship with YOU. Thanks for visiting our site, and please contact us if we are able to help in anyway.

  • Leah's passion for victims of domestic violence is evident in her work with clients...her dedication and passion to clients is unquestionable...
  • I remember coming to your office for the first time feeling completely beside myself.  I was broken to pieces and had no idea how to pick the pieces up.  I remember coming to you, and you instantly had answers.  You gave me hope in a cloud of doubt...With your help, I am now living the life I have always wanted.  I am confident.  I have boundaries. I love myself...
  • It's nice to start talking to someone you know nothing about, they know nothing about you and just talk.  I could talk to Leah for hours on end...Leah makes me feel 10 times better about myself than anyone has ever made me feel...she has made a huge impact on my life just by listening and hearing what I have to say...She helped me grow to where I felt like a little piece of nothing to where I feel like actually matter to people...


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